Hi! My name is Mengye Zhu

Design is about three dimensions and the five senses.

I am currently in the transformative journey of acquiring a Master’s degree in Design for Interaction, with a Minor in Information Science at Cornell University. My academic odyssey is a reflection of my unwavering commitment to pushing the boundaries of design, aiming to make the world a beacon of inclusivity and equity through the lens of human-centered design.

As a passionate and multidisciplinary UX designer with a background in interior design, my diverse palette of experiences spans across interactive designs, product design, 3D arts, and, notably, interior design.

My approach to design is holistic, viewing every challenge as a unique puzzle, waiting to be solved through the fusion of creativity, technology, and empathy. My diverse design background acts as a rich source of inspiration, allowing me to approach each project with fresh eyes, seeking to blend traditional design principles with avant-garde solutions.